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Audio Architects has been providing audio system design and installation since 1981. In that time, technology has improved by leaps and bounds, but the basics have remained the same. There are principles of sound that cannot be ignored and that technology cannot replace, and that is where the many combined years of our technicians experience begins to bring forth the magic in a system.

Through an assessment of your space, Audio Architects can determine spacing, placement, product types, and more to ensure that sound clarity and volume are optimized. View the information below to learn more about the different types of audio systems we work with on a regular basis. If you're application isn't listed below, please contact us for more information.

System Types

Primary Music/PA System
Primary music systems can be simple or complex depending on your needs.  This can include digital mixing boards, line array speakers, complex digital signal processing and touchpanels for control. 

Hearing Assistance
Also known as Personal Public Address (PPA), hearing assistance is available in three types, Infrared (IR), Radio Frequency (RF), or Loop systems. When choosing a system to fit your needs we must take into account a multitude of factors including, security needs, quantity of people utilizing the system, aesthetics, and budget. For a more detailed definition of each type of system please reference the Terminology section.

We work with Bogen Quantum and Nyquist systems for schools and other buildings that require individual room paging, zone paging, and talk-back capability. Bogen Nyquist offers integration with VoIP systems for those schools that need the latest in technology.

Building Paging
Often utilized in warehouses and factories but also some smaller office complexes, we can create a building-wide or zoned paging system for your facility. Loud factory floors require large horns, while offices need the more standard ceiling speaker. Regardless, we design systems that deliver clear, intelligible sound to all locations.

Background Music
In some cases, a building paging system will also incorporate a background music system, providing a relaxing atmosphere between messages. In other facilities, only a background music system is required, such as the waiting room or lobby.

Room Types

From the small country church to the grand cathedral, we work with all types and all budgets to create a custom system, focusing on speech intelligibility and music worship.

Most auditoriums look for a multi-channel mixing console and multiple wireless microphones for performances. A well-designed system will work for all performances and presentations. We concentrate on ease of use and longevity of the system.

We find that a zoned speaker system works the best for gymnasiums, especially those where the bleachers can be pushed in or out. That way only the areas that need sound will have it. Our goal is to make it loud enough for large crowds at the games and still have excellent quality for instructional use.

Conference Rooms
These can be a one-person presentation system with a wireless microphone and speakers, or a multi-person town hall meeting style system with multiple gooseneck microphones for larger meetings when many people are talking.

The ideal courtroom system has multiple speakers and microphones routed in such a way that we can reduce feedback and increase intelligibility. Teleconferencing, video conferencing and touch panel controls are common in these systems.


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