• St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, Necedah:
    Sanctuary Sound System

    St. Francis Church in Necedah was a beautiful church with a very typical problem – their speaker system did not properly cover the worship space and the controls were too complicated for most parishioners to use. We were happy to help them out by installing a Biamp Audia mixer/DSP ‘black box’ that takes care of all of the input and output routing as well as all processing, EQ, delay, and everything else for the system. We removed the complicated mixer with all of its buttons and knobs and instead gave them a single Biamp Red-1 controller that gives them access to volume adjustments and preset adjustments with a simple finger swipe.

    We started off the system with a new set of 4 Sennheiser EW series wireless microphones – two lapels for the priest and deacon and two handhelds for the choir or other parishioners to use. The four Tannoy VX speakers are powered by a LabGruppen amplifier, and arranged to give excellent coverage front-to-back on the pews.

    We were able to keep all of their existing inputs at the ambo, choir and nave and their existing outputs to the narthex, cry room, hearing assistance and recording system. We also gave them a much easier system to control and one that was much less likely to be mis-adjusted. The Biamp has a ‘restore’ preset on it that brings everything back to our original configuration, if they make too many volume adjustments and things start to not sound right.

    Their rack went from this (see all the buttons??):

    To this:

    The most complicated item in the rack now is the CD / tape player!

    We also gave them a vented front door so they can secure the equipment, and upgraded from a standard power on/off to a unit with professional surge protection.

    Our goals with this project were simplicity and sound quality, and we achieved both of them with this project.

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