Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

1. What does your company specialize in?
We specialize in church audio and video systems, school audio and video systems, intercom and background music systems and wired/wireless clock systems for schools, courtrooms, businesses and universities.

2. How far do you travel?
Our standard range is within four hours of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. However, for the right project, we will go where necessary.

3. I just found item XYZ online for less than your price. Will you match that price?
We will rarely match pricing. We provide a service along with the products we provide. When you purchase equipment from us, we warranty the item in question, including our installation labor, for one full year. After that, we will honor the manufacturer's warranty by removing the item for you, installing a loaner item (usually at no charge, depending on the situation), sending the item for repair (or repairing it in our shop) and then reinstalling and testing your piece of equipment after it is repaired. An online shopping cart will not provide any of those services.

4. Can you dust the light fixtures, change the light bulbs, remove all of the frisbees and badminton birdies that are stuck in the rafters while you are up there installing the speakers?
If it is a quick item near the speaker location, we can certainly take care of it for you. If there are multiple areas or if it requires moving scaffolding just to take care of the extra item, we would charge a minimal fee for the additional work.

Acoustical Analysis

Do you sell acoustical treatment?
Yes, we sell and install acoustical treatment. There are many different shape, sizes, colors, and materials to work for most situations. A site survey will allow us to determine the materials for your project.


Do I need to worry about the 600mhz changeover affecting my sound or video system?
Yes, by June 2020 the 600mhz band will not be useable for a majority of wireless microphone systems. Cell phone providers are already using those frequencies so now is the time to start an upgrade planning process to avoid negative performance from your wireless systems.

Do you install car audio?
No. There are a number of other companies in the area that provide that service.

What is a good microphone choice and proper placement for my application?
We have experience with a variety of situations and microphones and would love to discuss them with you. 

What is the best speaker out there?
This depends on the application and the space. We work with a number of different speakers, each of which is our first choice for a different environment. For example, we find Community R-Series Speakers are excellent for football fields and gymnasiums, while Bose or Tannoy speakers work better for church sanctuaries.


Can you help me with video support during COVID-19?

Yes, we can provide projection & camera streaming options for churches as well as video conference tools for schools and corporate needs.  Ultimately the success of these endeavors is having quality audio and video delivered to your remote participants while keeping the technology easy-to-use.

Do I need to have a system capable of 4K video?
Yes, as more hardware is released sources are now equipped with 4K outputs.  Some systems and computers can negotiate back to 1080p standards while others struggle and video can be inconsistent.  Most display equipment is starting to become 4K compatible as standard, we can assess your system to ensure it is 4K ready.



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