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We are are able to design systems today to incorporate the latest 4K video technologies.

Large format screens (226"+ diagonal) coupled with 12,000+ lumen projectors offer a wide range of options for gyms or auditorium formats.  Some auditoriums include a large main screen with smaller side-screens to provide various setup options. 


New boardroom technical offerings include 86" touchscreen installations that allow for PC control and/or annotation options.  Combined with conference room cameras and USB bridges a complete video conference system can be provided that is very easy to use. 

A presentation system has the basis of a boardroom or auditorium installation, but also includes microphones for the presenter (wireless or gooseneck) that can be attached to a lectern or portable equipment podium.

Churches offer a particular challenge for video, as aesthetics are a big concern. Smaller, dual screen installations are often the best option. We work with the architecture of the room to hide the screen as much as possible. We also make the systems very user-friendly to allow people with varying technology backgrounds to use the system to its greatest ability.

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