Video System Design

There are five fundamental questions that must be answered by any video display system design:

1. What is the content?
PowerPoint presentations typically use large fonts and relatively little information per slide, but spreadsheets use smaller fonts. The content determines the projector/display resolution and screen size.

2. Can everyone see the display clearly?
Ceiling height and seating arrangements will dictate how many displays are needed so that every participant is no further than 5(X) from the display (X= the screen height).

3. Are there an adequate number of input types and locations?
Inputs are either permanently installed in VCRs, DVDs, and computers or they are jack plates for use with portable sources brought in by a presenter.

4. What will the ambient light level be during a presentation?
A DVD presentation might allow the ambient light to be low, whereas a lecture requires enough light to allow note taking. This will determine the output capability of the projectors and may even require the use of rear projection if the required lighting is too bright.

5. Is it versatile and easy to operate?
The use of touch screen controls can automate many of the functions to make even the most complex system user friendly.

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