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Our team installs, rents, and repairs a range of audio and video systems. Since the room environment is an important element when considering A/V options for your space, we also provide acoustical consultation and treatment.

Through an initial assessment, our team of technicians will determine spacing, placement, product type options, and more to ensure an audio-video solution that optimizes your space. We can work with you to provide design / consulting services alone, or include our whole team for a full design and installation project.

View the information below to learn more about the different types of systems we work with on a regular basis. If your application isn't listed, please contact us for more information.

Audio Services & Systems

System Types

Primary Speech Presentation / Music System

Depending on the needs of your space, primary sound systems can be relatively simple or complex. We offer options that can include digital mixing boards, line array speakers, digital signal processing and touchpanels for control.

Building Paging

Often utilized in warehouses and factories but also some government facilities, we can create a building-wide or zoned paging system for your facility. We design systems that deliver clear, intelligible sound to fit the needs of all locations.

Background Music

In some cases, a building paging system will also incorporate a background music system, providing a relaxing atmosphere between messages. In other facilities, only a background music system is required, such as the waiting room or lobby.

Sound Masking System

Privacy is a concern in a variety of office settings, including government facilities. A sound masking or speech privacy system is a simple answer to this concern, where a number of very small speakers are installed in or above the ceiling tiles. These speakers produce a low level of noise to mask other conversations, but not interfere with day to day operations in the building.

Room Types


The ideal courtroom system has multiple speakers and microphones routed to reduce feedback and increase intelligibility. Teleconferencing, video conferencing and touch panel controls are common in these systems.

Conference / Board Rooms

These can be a one-person presentation system with a wireless microphone and speakers, or a multi-person town hall meeting style system, with multiple gooseneck microphones for larger meetings, when many people are talking.


Most auditoriums look for a multi-channel mixing console and multiple wireless microphones for performances. A well-designed system will work for all performances and presentations. We focus on ease of use and longevity of the system.

System Design

While the basic process is the same, each system design is unique to the structure and type of event within each space.

Sound System technology has improved by leaps and bounds, but the basics have remained the same. There are principles of sound that cannot be ignored and that technology cannot replace, and that is where the many combined years of our sales staff and technicians’ experience begin to bring forth the magic in a system.

We make sure that each system is designed so everyone can hear and understand what is being said - and yes, these are two different concepts. Understanding what comes through the speakers involves more than the speakers themselves - the acoustics of the room including the dimensions and materials must be taken into account to make sure the right number and type of speakers are used, and placed in the best positions.

Finally, we need to make sure that we have an interface between the operator and the electronics that is versatile enough to accommodate the many demands that the performers will place on the system, as well as keep it simple enough for everyone to use.

Audio FAQ's

Do I need to worry about the 600mhz changeover affecting my sound or video system?

Yes, as of June 2020, the 600mhz band is no longer usable for a majority of wireless microphone systems. To avoid negative performance from your wireless systems, upgrading older systems is recommended.

Do you install car audio?

No, there are a number of other companies that specialize and provide car audio installations within our service area.

What is a good microphone choice and proper placement for my application?

Depending on the variety of situations for the intended use, we have experience with a variety of situations and microphones and would love to discuss them with you.

What is the best speaker out there?

This depends on the application and the space. We work with a number of different speakers, each of which is our first choice for a different environment. For example, we find QSC or Tannoy ceiling or in-wall speakers work best in boardrooms and conference rooms.


View a downloadable pdf of the most common Audio Services terminology and equipment types.

View Terminology PDF

Hearing Assistance (PPA)

Also known as Personal Public Address (PPA), hearing assistance is available in four types; WiFi, Loop systems, Infrared (IR), or Radio Frequency (RF). When choosing a system to fit your needs, we take into account a multitude of factors that include: security needs, quantity of people utilizing the system, aesthetics, and budget.

Wi-Fi System

Designed with today's cell phone/hearing aid pairing in mind this option allows a cell phone to connect to an in-building wifi system and receive the program audio through an app. The app then converts the audio and pushes it to a bluetooth capable hearing aid. External receivers are available for people who do not have a cell phone capable of running the app.

Inductive Loop System

Utilizes an energized wire loop, which is installed to surround a room and serve as an RF broadcast antenna. Anyone with a T-Coil enabled hearing aid or a loop receiver can sit within the 'looped area' and wirelessly pick up the transmitted audio signal. For the listener, this gives a very direct audio link with someone speaking on a microphone.

More information and statistics about hearing loops can be found below:

Infrared System

An LED panel emits modulated infrared radiation within a single room. An infrared system requires the use of external receivers and earpieces. The user must be within line-of-sight of the emitter allowing for greater security and privacy.

RF Transmission System

The most common type of system in use today, a RF transmitter broadcasts modulated radio frequencies within an entire building. The transmitter may be mounted anywhere in the building and users can receive signal at any location within a few hundred feet of the transmitter (depending on building construction), using a receiver and an earpiece.

Video Services & Systems

Video System Design

We are able to design systems today to incorporate the latest 4K video technologies for implementing remote meeting solutions.


New boardroom technical offerings include monitors up to 98" that allow for PC control and/or annotation options. Combined with conference room cameras and USB bridges this gives a complete video conference system that is very easy to use. Soundbars with integrated cameras can be a great solution to Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or other video conference solutions to keep remote employees and customers engaged.


Courtroom video is primarily driven by video conferencing to incorporate people who are not able to be physically present in the courtroom. This involves multiple cameras to pick up the courtroom video side as well as multiple monitors and / or a large format projector to show the ‘far side’ video. A projector is also often used for displaying evidence in the case. Touch panel control makes the system easy to operate with commonly used tele/video conference numbers pre-programmed into the system.

Video FAQ’s

Can you help me with video support during COVID-19?

Yes, we can provide projection & camera streaming options, as well as video conference tools for governement needs. Ultimately the success of these endeavors is having quality audio and video delivered to your remote participants while keeping the technology easy-to-use.

Do I need to have a system capable of 4K video?

Yes, as more hardware is released sources are now equipped with 4K outputs. Some systems and computers can negotiate back to 1080p standards while others struggle and video can be inconsistent. Most display equipment is starting to become 4K compatible as standard, we can assess your system to ensure it is 4K ready.


View a downloadable pdf of the most common Video Services terminology and equipment types.

View Terminology PDF

Acoustical Design

Acoustical Analysis Services

In analyzing a room, we consider the size and materials in the space and how it will be used. A lecture hall needs to be treated much more intensely than a performance space. For rooms that are still in the planning stages, we can recommend materials to help with overall acoustics. For rooms that are already built, we work with the existing space to configure a custom panel layout to best treat the needed surfaces.


Experience, training, and professional test equipment make us the company to call to recommend acoustical solutions. We work with rooms in the planning stages by analyzing blueprints. If the room is complete, we fully inspect the space. We are the only company in the area with the equipment and expertise required to provide acoustical analysis. We can work in more of a consultant role to make recommendations, or we can see the project all the way through to provide and install wall or ceiling panels in standard or custom finishes.


Based on the needs of the application, we partner with several companies to offer a range of wall or ceiling panels, including raw material options to create custom panels.

Acoustical Analysis FAQ’s

Do you sell acoustical treatment?

Yes, we sell and install acoustical treatment. There are many different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials to work for most situations. A site survey will allow us to determine the materials needed for your project.

Service & Rental

Wireless Microphones Rentals

We have a stock of handheld, lapel, and headworn professional wireless systems for rent. If there is a special event or performance that requires a few extra microphones, give us a call.

Video Projector Rentals

We offer a 100” diagonal screen and 5000 Lumen projector for rent that will work well in a conference room, church, or smaller auditorium. If your presentation needs a projector and screen, but your facility does not have one, give us a call.

Portable System Rentals

We have two complete portable systems with a powered mixer, speakers, and a variety of microphones, as well as all the stands and cabling you will need. We will walk you through setup and use upon pick up. Delivery and on-site setup is available for an additional fee.

In-House & Factory Repairs

If your system isn’t working the way it should, give us a call! Whether we installed it last year, 20 years ago, or we haven’t had the opportunity to work together before, our experienced service techs will go on-site and troubleshoot your system. They carry a number of replacement parts, so hopefully we can get you back up and running right away. Otherwise we will provide a loaner piece of equipment and bring yours back to our shop for either an in-house repair or factory repair.

If your repair is something easily removed from the system like a wireless microphone, you can ship it to our shop for repair. If we can’t take care of it ourselves, we can ship it in for factory service for you.


When your system is not working properly, there are a few simple steps you can take to determine if the problem is a minor error, or if it requires a service call. Try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Ensure that all system components are receiving power and are turned on.
  2. Determine how old the batteries are in your wireless components. Replace with fresh batteries.
  3. Check the volume levels of all components. One volume setting may be turned up and another turned down.
  4. Determine what group used the system last. They may have made a change to the system or unplugged something to accommodate their specific needs.

Helpful Tips

To avoid frustration in the future, we have provided some general tips below:

  1. Allow yourself plenty of time to test the system before each use; this will ensure that changes by others can be reversed before your group arrives.
  2. Always keep a spare set of batteries with each wireless component.
  3. Keep the Audio Architects phone number near the system. We may be able to assist you over the phone without the need for a service call.

We take pride in doing the job right!

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